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i-Message Technologies

“Multitone i-Message is a complete communications solution allowing you to message and talk to colleagues by the method that best suits your staff. ”

GSM integration with i-Message

Mobiles are now ubiquitous communication devices. Private on-site GSM offers a very flexible and convenient means of communicating with staff by text or voice. As a favoured optional device, mobiles, with a variety of applications such as @ppear, can reduce the number of devices carried by numerous staff.

With Multitone i-Message, calls and messages can be logged, so important transactions are recorded and can be analysed at a later date. With on-site being independent of public networks, resilience is built in. Owning your own GSM network removes tariffs, coverage and congestion issues onsite. Integration with i-Message also enables smartphone users to send and receive messages from those carrying a variety of devices, i.e DECT and pagers, so no matter which device your staff choose, they are still contactable.

WiFi integration with i-Message

Investing in Wi-Fi utilises and enhances your IT communications network. It can be increased to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth to support speech and text. Multitone i-Message incorporates an internal SIP PBX, allowing you to integrate Wi-Fi to your main PBX. Handsets can support video streaming at two frames per second, therefore allowing integration with security and access control systems. Wi-Fi networks also give the added flexibility to send and receive data through web-based or XML applications, i.e. bar code scanning for patient identification using SpectraLink handsets.

DECT integration with i-Message

DECT devices give you the freedom to move around your facility and remain contactable. By integrating with Multitone i-Message you can develop that accessibility so that you can monitor and control alarm functionality and send messages to a variety of devices whilst moving around the facility. The ability to send multiple messages to either person or machine lifts your DECT system into being a remote management tool.

PMR integration with i-Message

Interfacing to PMR allows workers off-site to form part of an on-site communications network so they can be contacted with full traceability.

Paging with i-Message

Paging, for critical communications, is viewed as the most robust form of communication.

Multitone i-Message supports on-site or wide area paging and can operate across multiple sites or locations, making it ideal for private or regional paging communications.

For a dedicated critical communication, the ability to send a team call with speech is treated as the highest priority, any other transactions within the system are momentarily placed on hold until that critical message has been sent.

With the addition of call verification, further proof that a call has been sent is also provided, giving you a full audit trail of each scenario. The system connects to your telephone system or your computer network, using a web-based user interface, enabling calls and messages to be sent from any telephone extension or PC.

Staff protection integration with i-Message

Multitone i-Message fully integrates into Multitone’s wireless staff protection system, EkoTek. The system is designed to assist staff working in potentially hazardous conditions or in isolation to summon help and support should they need it. A call for assistance is sent directly to Multitone i-Message which will raise the alarm and immediately alert and deploy the correct support team via their preferred communication option, be it mobile phone, pagers, WiFi device or e-mail.

Using EkoTek’s location identifier, the support team are informed of exactly where they are needed, enabling them to give rapid support.

Alarm management with i-Message

Multitone i-Message centralises your alarm and monitoring systems. It combines alarm outputs from a wide range of systems and interfaces, such as: fire and security systems, manufacturing and SCADA systems, building management systems, even IT systems to a single point of monitoring and control. Alarm messages can be sent to appropriate staff so immediate action can be taken. This enables a reduction, even the complete elimination, of several monitoring points and ensures fast and effective responses to any given situation, even if the equipment is located across multiple or remote locations.

Analogue telephones integrated with i-Message

Bringing standard desk telephones into the current communication community means being able to reach a large number of users. Multitone i-Message can send messages, display images (phone dependent), configure displays and more. Being part of a communicating team doesn’t require having the latest equipment.

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