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In business a telephony system can offer much more than just the standard person to person direct call. Multitone take standard onsite telephone systems and turn them into multi-layered messaging systems which can interface with onsite property and building management systems and other isolated equipment such as access doors to make telephony a fully integrated communications system for everyday to important or even critical communications.

From standard PBX telephone systems to smartphones, WiFi and DECT adjunct systems Multitone build interfaces, apps and protocols which can adapt an onsite or hosted service to allow the business to gain performance from existing and new technology from improved workflow and multi-layered communication flow.

Key benefits of enhancing your basic telephony are:

Time – being able to reach colleagues when you need to irrespective of their location or device

Presence – know who is available to accept calls and data, understand who can’t

Technology – using multiple technologies to meet the needs of each users’ business activities including, Voice over IP, (VoIP), landline systems, DECT systems, mobile devices and smartphones with apps

Cost – being able to control the cost of your communication, either through outright purchase or rental, using as much existing technology as you want and adding new with standard or bespoke applications being developed to support business workflow.

Before Purchase of Any Telephony System

When choosing a phone system you will want to take the following into consideration:

 • The number of people that will be using the system

 • Your company’s budget

 • Features that you will definitely need

 • Features that you could end up needing in the future

 • Your company’s expansion and growth plans

 • Training, maintenance and the level of your technical skills or those of your employees

Why Multitone?

Multitone works with a variety of partners, and offer, a range of products which complement one another to form a communications system suited to your requirements.

We provide a consultative approach to communications and with a diverse range of technologies available, we can meet the demands from departments or individuals for a communications system that reflects how your organisation needs to work.

Multitone are able to assist on communications from standard office phones with feature rich capabilities that can simplify tasks, to whole critical systems for the emergency services. Therefore, whether it is a simple upgrade to an existing phone system, or a complete installed unified communications system, with links to fire alarms and automated alarm equipment, we can meet your needs.

Telephony is more than just supplying the right combination of hardware and software so at Multitone we work with you to understand your business, commercial and user needs.

Multitone work across all industry sectors and have a portfolio of systems installed in prestige organisations for many years each supported 24 hours a day / 7 days a weeks to ensure business continuity is delivered and supported by its communications systems.

We have worked with a variety of different market sectors, so we know that different groups benefit from differing telephony systems:


Telephony in Healthcare

In large organisations such as NHS Trusts  the diversity of requirements  between individual staff and departments creates a need to look at how technology will benefit each. Generic upgrades without considering the use of the technology can have little impact or even a negative impact on the business performance should users find the transition from old systems to new more difficult to use.

NHS Trusts have a variety of needs from their communications systems. With switchboards being the communication hub of many NHS Trusts how this fits with the widely varying needs of individuals can have a large impact on how well the business performs. Developing the tools for each individual and linking these to each other and the business infrastructure allows individuals to get what they need from communications, such as staff protection, apps to improve their tasks, urgent messaging and std voice telephony over WiFi, DECT, PSTN or VoIP, while making this a part of the overall communications of the business is Multitone’s core business and as a result we have a very large portfolio of healthcare customers using our systems for standard and critical communications.

Telephony in Vets

Multitone have worked with a number of practices extending the communication capability so that in the event of emergency, the alerting system is able to call the right people with the right skill sets instantly and with absolute discretion, which maintain a stress free environment for staff, and animals.

Telephony in Offices

Telephony has been a pivotal communication tool for businesses for many years. As technology has advanced considerably since the development of analogue extensions and trunks, the business case for more sophisticated features has created an array of communication options.

Multitone’s ethos is to work with you to match your requirements of today and also meet your expectations over the coming years. Combining communication and business processes gives many organisations the return on investment they are looking for in this budget conscious environment.

Why Multitone? | Telephone in Healthcare | Telephony in Vets | Telephony in Offices

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